Computer Hardware & Software

Professional tech advise and sales to attend your hardware and software needs.

Computer hardware & software sales:    

Computer Hardware and Software.

Whether you are looking to purchase a new PC, laptop or server our experienced technicians can help you find what you need at the best price to suit your budget. Dimension3 Technology's suppliers have a wide range of the latest PC, laptops and technology equipment, we can get any business up and running in no time.

Hardware & Software


Cost-effective and quality custom built PCs  whether to suit your business needs or a home gaming PC.


Offering an extensive range of the latest notebooks and laptops for the best price in the market.


Quality custom built servers designed to optimise configurations specifically for your business requirements.


Managing purchase, installation or upgrade with open source software and Microsoft licensing.


Affordable Server licensing and data management using open source or traditional database platform system.


Software licensing and installation of the latest Microsoft office products and collaborative applications.

Microsoft Software Volume Licensing

Microsoft Volume Licensing is a program for business's that may need multiple Microsoft product licenses, but not multiple copies of software media and documentation. The comprehensive program includes unique technology services to help deploy, manage and use Microsoft products efficiently. Our IT Business consultant can help you understand the different licensing options to manage your Microsoft products and services giving you the best value.

Multiple Microsoft product license with one  software.

Best value for multiple product licenses.

Latest Microsoft technologies.

Deploy and manage Microsoft products efficiently.

Hardware & Software Inventory Asset

Business hardware and software inventory

Essential for all businesses small or large to track and manage their hardware devices within their IT infrastructure by regularly keeping track of all their computer hardware devices on the network by performing regular hardware inventory audits. Manual control can be a complex and a time consuming task, Dimension3 Technology's IT support technicians can help you save time by automating your hardware inventory management.


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