CRM Module

Track leads, sales, close opportunities and get comprehensive forecasts.

CRM Module:    

Track leads, sales, close opportuninites and comprehensive forecasts.

If you're looking for a customer relationship management application (CRM) we have the solution for you. The CRM module helps you focus on your sale opportunities and spend less time with unnecessary data entry by automatically recording tasks, meetings, opportunities and your business history. The CRM module has a range of tools and features to help organise and automate your sales activities and schedules, also providing full integration with other business applications like e-commerce, marketing, e-signature and more.

CRM Module Features


Organise and view workflow in real time. keep track of campaigns, leads, sales and more. 


Focus on potential leads and sale opportunities with automated data management.


  Overview your performance and opportunities with detailed reports and flow charts.


Create and design efficient and visually engaging email campaigns.


Synchronize your calendar and schedules, accessing anywhere on any device.


Integrate your VoIP system and make calls directly from the software.

 Get Accurate Forecasts

Stay on top of your business performance and automate frequent actions and follow-ups. With features like automatic data recording, you can record data directly from your opportunity entries. Access the CRM real-time report function, giving you a clear insight into your team's performance, helping you to make better decisions. Have detailed reports, graphs and flow charts showcasing your data comparison and visual overview of data points and prospect information that can be shared among your team and added to your customised dashboard. The process is easy to add your business opportunities by a simple drop and drag right through all of the stages in your pipeline and create in-depth pivot tables for a deeper analysis

Get the insights you need to make smarter

Design custom dashboards to get a picture
of your business at a glance.

Dig deeper with real-time reports and flow
charts that anyone can create and share.

Know exactly how you perform compared to your monthly targets.  

CRM Sales

CRM Accounting

Full integration with MYOB, XERO and others.

Our expertise can make integration seem effortless, Dimension3 Technology can import and consolidate your businesses data from your current accounting software. Integrating MYOB is implemented by a set of standards to export your data from spreadsheets and upload directly to our recommended accounting software. XERO integration is easily done by utilising a new module developed to synchronise with our openERP accounting software. Importing your Chart of Accounts saves you time and the hassle of converting your data manually.