Google G-Suite Services

Increase team productivity with Google G-Suite business.


Google G-Suite Services:    

Google Cloud Computing.

Google cloud-based productivity suite has changed its name from Google Apps for work to G-Suite. Essentially offering Gmail, administrative tools, Google Drive, additional apps and advanced settings, additional storage per inbox and 24/7 phone and email support. All data is saved instantly and based in Google's datacenters, synchronizing to other data centers to provide unlimited cloud storage. 

Google G-suite Business Features


Access to your mail and calendar on any device anywhere at anytime.


Create and edit documents right in your browser saving changes automatically.


Hangouts Meet hardware. Create a video conference room that's reliable.


Enterprise editions offer unlimited storage and file sharing capabilities within your organization.


Install Google G-Suite application on PC's, tablets, Apple Mac and ISO and Android phones.


Rights and Administration console Services enables you to restrict access to documents and email.

Get Your Team Connected

G-Suite administrators can take control of their teams Google accounts, Google allows administrators to select particular Google services and grant access for their users account and fine-tune security and privacy settings. It's as easy as turning on or off the particular service you select through your personal Google admin console, allowing each individual user to see only those services you have turned on for them. Dimension3 Technology can get your business set up with G-Suite and provide your organization access to features such as Gmail, instant chat, video conferences, social media, real-time document collaborations, Calendar, Drive, and other core G Suite services also giving access to additional services like Google+, Hangouts, Blogger and more.

Control user access with administrator console settings.

Increase productivity with the latest Google applications and features .

Access and share anytime anywhere on any device .

Easy to use, secure and efficient Google cloud solutions.

Google G-Suite tools


Google G-suite Business hosting.

Dimension3 Technology delivers Australian territory hosting for organizations and their users to access Google G-Suite cloud computing in Australia. Google saves your organizations valuable data securely and instantly within their datacenters and then synchronizes with the datacenters selected from your provider. Googles cloud platform and infrastructure is built to provide secure deployment of services and secure data storage with end-user privacy.


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