Networking Services

Professional networking data cabling and wireless networking services.

Data Cabling and Wireless Networking Services:    

Office networking installations. 

Whether to have wired data cabling or wireless networking, it is one of the essential components for your office computer infrastructure. Dimension3 Technology's infrastructure team can assist you with building a reliable and robust foundation with your computer infrastructure, we provide services form new data networking, telephone installation, point relocation, wireless networking installation and wireless signal expansion. 

Network Service Features


UTP Cat5 and Cat6 professional data cabling services.


Rack mount installations, path panel installation or repairs.


professional standard telephone voice cabling services. 


Get the fastest wireless network and the most secure office wireless network installation.


Connect to a nearby building or an external point, whether close range or out of office.


Connect to long distance networking points whilst on the road or out of your office.

Data Cabling and Wireless Networking.

Dimension3 Technology offer everything from data cabling to wireless networking, hardware and installation services. We can provide you with all the required equipment and material to build your internal network infrastructure, following the highest of quality standards within the IT industry. We also offer the highest quality networking brands like Cisco, HP Switches and D-link. Whether you are looking to connect local office buildings or distant points on your own property, our wireless networking services include short and long distance wireless installation using the latest technologies, providing you with secure, fast and stable wireless connection.

Professional data cabling services.

High quality material and parts.

Certified data cabling installation.

Fast outdoor wireless links.

Switch Data Cabling

Datacenter Networking

Datacenter Rack Equipment Installation.

Dimension3 Technology's experienced tech team can assist your organization with services from computer networking, datacenter cabling, rack mount device installation, emergency repairs, ongoing maintenance and more. Our technicians provide our client's service all around the Brisbane and Gold Coast datacenter area's, assisting with installation configurations and the initial setup for the external hardware control. 

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